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How to Uninstall the PaperCut User Client


“Help! I’m trying to uninstall the PaperCut client from my personal computer. How can I do this?”

The exact steps to uninstall the PaperCut User Client vary depending on whether your computer is a PC or a Mac, as well as what method your PaperCut administrator used to deploy the client. We strongly recommend reaching out to your IT department before you go any further.

However, if you’ve left your organization and you know what you’re doing then read below for steps on how to remove the PaperCut User Client for Mac and Windows.

Manually uninstalling the client from a Windows computer

  1. First, hit the Start button in the bottom left corner of your screen, then type Add or Removes Programs and hit the enter key.
  2. Next, find and select the PaperCut user client from this list. It may also be called PaperCut MF Client or PaperCut NG Client.*
  3. Click Uninstall, and then click next through any prompts that appear.

* If you don’t see the PaperCut Client in Programs and Features then check in the Windows Startup folder, located in: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Look for an icon that may be called PaperCut Client Shortcut or something similar and delete this.

Advanced uninstallation methods for sysadmins

The uninstallation method will be different depending on which version was installed.

Removing pc-client-local-install.exe

When this version of the client is installed, you should be able to run C:\Program Files (x86)\PaperCut MF Client\unins000.exe to automatically uninstall the client. An enterprising admin could craft a batch script that runs this command C:\Program Files (x86)\PaperCut MF Client\unins000.exe” /verysilent to automate removal.

Removing pc-client-admin-deploy.msi

When this version of the client is installed there is no unins000.exe file, but there are other methods to uninstall automatically.

  • If the original MSI was pushed out through Group Policy, you can edit the policy to uninstall the MSI.
  • You can also remove it using the msiexc command. To do so you you will need to get the GUID or Product ID, which can be found by running a command like get-wmiobject Win32_Product | Where Name -eq ‘PaperCut MF Client’ Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name. Then after obtaining the GUID, you can run msiexec -passive -norestart -x <GUID> to uninstall the PaperCut Client like any other MSI.

How to remove the client from a Mac computer

Method 1

  1. Open the Applications folder in Finder.
  2. Find (depending on how your Mac’s configured, it might only be called PCClient) and drag it to the Trash*.

* If Method 1 doesn’t work, it may be necessary to remove other components. First, try to clear out the bin on your mac to see if that finishes the job. Fortunately, if that still doesn’t work, there are easy ways to do this using the handy Terminal commands in Method 2. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you really should be talking to your IT department before going any further.

Method 2 - Remove the launchd plist:

  1. Open the Terminal application by clicking on the Spotlight icon and typing Terminal.
  2. Run the following commands to disable the automatic reloading of the User Client upon termination and remove the launchd configuration file.**
    • launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.papercut.client.plist
    • sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.papercut.client.plist
  3. Enter your Mac’s administrator password when prompted.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Lastly, you should be able to delete the file from the Applications folder as described in Method 1.

** If you get the error message “No such file or directory,” it may be because your former IT department deployed the PaperCut client under a different name. Back in the Terminal window run open /Library/LaunchAgents/ to launch a Finder window showing the folder that contains the plist files on your system. Usually, the one used for the PaperCut client would be called com.papercut.client.plist, but your organization may have given this file another name. Find the correct plist file and rerun the terminal commands in Method 2 using the correct name.

Removing the Login Hook:

  1. If the PaperCut User Client tool has been configured to start via a login hook, the login hook can be deleted with the following Terminal command: sudo defaults delete LoginHook
  2. Enter your Mac’s administrator password when prompted.

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Last updated March 15, 2024