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How to turn off PaperCut's Document Processing


“Help! I’m a PaperCut Administrator and I want to disable PaperCut’s Cloud Document Processing features for troubleshooting reasons. How do we fully turn off Document Processing?”

When the PaperCut Document Processing service (either Cloud or Local) can’t be contacted it will result in the error Failed to create a job request for the file scanned in the PaperCut Application log, as seen in the screenshot below.

Generally, this occurs because the PaperCut MF server is unable to reach the cloud service. To troubleshoot you should refer to our article Firewall Ports used by NG & MF and ensure that the appropriate URLs and ports are allow-listed so that the Document Processing service can be reached.

Until that can be done, it may be prudent to turn off settings in PaperCut that will cause scanned documents to be routed through the Document Processing service. As of this writing, there is no single off-switch that will let you disable this feature. Instead, you will need to turn off the following options:

  • PDF - Make searchable
  • PDF - Convert to PDF/A
  • PDF - Enable compression
  • DOCX
  • Batch splitting
  • Detect and remove blank pages
  • Despeckle
  • Deskew


  1. Log into the web interface of your PaperCut server as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Devices > Scan Actions…

  3. For each applicable scan action, disable “Make searchable”, “Convert to PDF/A”, “Enable compression”, “DOCX”, “Batch splitting”, and “Detect and remove blank pages”.

  4. Navigate to Options > Capture…

  5. Disable “Despeckle…” and “Deskew…”.

  6. At this point, these changes should be immediate. No server or device restart is needed. Attempt to perform another scan job and see if the scan is now successful. If that worked, but you still want to utilize advanced features like Blank Page detection, you will want to ask yourself why the PaperCut MF server is unable to contact the Document Processing service.

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Last updated March 15, 2024