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Tracking Photocopiers


Tracking printing to a photocopier

PaperCut can track printing to photocopiers in the same way as it does for regular printers. Printing is simply intercepted at the copier’s print queue before it reaches the copier. In essence it works the same as a network printer.

Tracking walk-up copying

Tracking walk-up copying is a bit more involved. It can usually be done using one of the following methods:

Using the photocopier’s inbuilt features

Many photocopiers come with features for reporting and access control. For example, PINs can be used to restrict access to the copier, and copying data can be available through the copier’s web interface.

If this is the case then the copier’s PINs and usage costs can be kept in sync with PaperCut by using a common convention. There is no interaction between PaperCut and the copier. The two systems are independent and you’ll need to report usage independently for both systems (the copier and PaperCut).

Using an external hardware terminal

Sometimes it is necessary to employ an automated print management solution. In these cases, external hardware can be purchased to link the copier up with PaperCut. Access to the copier can then be controlled using cards or PINs, and all copying is automatically registered against the appropriate user and/or account in PaperCut.

In this way walk-up copying can be managed just like regular printing from within PaperCut.

Using tracking software embedded on the copier

PaperCut MF includes a line of embedded software modules that run on supported copiers and MFPs. These allow a consistent interface to features such as accounting, reporting and access control for copier functions across the supported copiers and for regular printing.

The PaperCut MF website has a list of resellers and supported copiers.

For more information about tracking walk-up copying see our supported devices page.

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Last updated June 13, 2024