"Too Many Open Files" Error on Linux

If you receive a browser error page that contains the following messages:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not parse specification context:/WEB-INF/Error.page.
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /opt/papercut/server/tmp/webapp-8196/WEB-INF/Error.page (Too many open files)

or see the same thing in the server.log file, and your PaperCut server is running on Linux, you may be encountering a resource ulimit for the PaperCut user account.

Many Linux distributions limit the number of open files/sockets to a number acceptable for a user in a desktop session. PaperCut is a server application, including a web server and database amongst other services, and may need more resources than the default limits allow.

The user manual section Installation on Linux -> Step 2 - Create the host user account and firewall settings contains a recommended change for /etc/security/limits.conf to increase the limit on the number of open files to 65535. Making this change as described should prevent these errors.

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