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Ricoh Smart Operation Panel Common Questions


This article covers common questions about Ricoh Smart Operation Panel:

User interface

Q QWhat device do I require for the Android-style interface?

PaperCut’s Ricoh SOP Optimized (SmartSDK) application requires a device with a second-generation Smart Operation Panel (SOP). Please check the supported Ricoh SmartSDK models on our tour page.

Q QWhy should I use this interface?

The multi-touch screen gives you the ability swipe, scroll or flick, as you would on a tablet. Have a long list of accounts? Swiftly scroll through your list with the flick of a finger. Multi-selecting print jobs allows you to view of the cost of multiple print jobs by selecting each one.

Q QI have a Ricoh device with a Smart Operation Panel. Why can’t I install the SmartSDK application?

It may be that you have a first-generation Ricoh SOP device. Please check the Ricoh SmartSDK models on our tour page.


Q QWhy am I getting “Connecting to server” message on the device?

When configuring the PaperCut server hostname on the Ricoh Smart Operation Panel MFD, ensure the hostname is fully qualified (e.g., not just papercut-server-1). If you use just the hostname, you will see “Connecting to server” messages repeated indefinitely, indicating that the device cannot connect to the PaperCut server.

You may also see this message after the Ricoh device has been restarted. This is due to the time it takes for the network infrastructure to start. In this case, a PaperCut message indicating that the device is trying to connect to the PaperCut server may stay on screen for some time. Eventually the device should beep twice, after which connection should be made fairly quickly.

Q QWhy am I getting “Error occurred while unlocking device functions” message after the embedded installation?

Ensure you have restarted the device after an install/upgrade. This is required for the embedded application to be successfully registered as the authenticating application.

Q QHow can I change the PaperCut connection settings?

We require admin privileges to change PaperCut connection settings. You’ll need to navigate to the device administration app called “User Tools” which can be launched from the home screen. Then you can select “Machine Features”, “login” option and enter the machine administrator’s login credentials. Once you are logged in, relaunch PaperCut and press the Admin button.

Q QWhy do I see the following message: “Administrator access required. To edit the configuration, log in to the device as an administrator then try again”?

Before you can modify PaperCut connection settings you are required to log in to the device as an administrator. See How to configure embedded software after a server migration or an IP/Hostname change.

Q QWhat happens when the screen times out through inactivity?

Any user will be automatically logged out. A PaperCut inactivity timeout currently hasn’t been implemented for Ricoh SmartSDK. See Embedded Software Timeouts for more information.

Q QWhy is the “all apps” icon disabled after PaperCut embedded install?

When user authentication is turned on, the “all apps” is disabled and the user can only access the icons available on the home screen. Log in as machine administrator to access the list of all apps.

Q QWhat are the limitations of the SmartSDK application compared to the SDK/J (Java) application?

  • A PaperCut-specific inactivity timeout has not been implemented. The user is logged out when the panel detects inactivity and goes to sleep, as determined by Ricoh’s sleep timeout
  • No zero stop for scanning and faxing

Q QIs offline mode supported with the SmartSDK application?

No, the recommended option is to use Site Server.

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Last updated June 13, 2024