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Common Questions about Payment Gateways


Can PaperCut hook into online credit card (or other) payment gateways?

Yes. The payment gateway module can provide this functionality. The gateway module is designed to provide a framework to hook into various payment sources ranging from online services to internal databases services.

Common interface options include trusted payment options such as PayPal and VerSign’s Payflow Link.

Other options include: TouchNet, My Student Account, and other popular banking gateways.

Payment Gateway Information and Workflows - PDF

On-Demand versus Manual Top-up

There are two types of Payment Gateway, On-Demand and Manual Top-up, and these result in different experiences for users.

On-Demand Payment Gateway - when a user runs out of balance in PaperCut while printing a document or making a copy, money is automatically deposited in the user’s PaperCut account from the payment provider.

Manual Top-up Payment Gateway - if a user runs out of credit, they must log into the PaperCut user web interface and click “Add credit” where they are redirected to another page hosted by the payment provider, such as PayPal. On this page the user enters their credit card details and submits payment, and their balance in PaperCut will then be updated.

A few other things to note…

  • Both types can be enabled at the same time (or only one).
  • When there are multiple Payment Gateways on one site:
    • Only one top up On-Demand gateway can be configured
    • Multiple manual top up gateways can be configured

Where can I get documentation about the installation and configuration of a Payment Gateway?

There’s a link here to Instructions on how to set up your Payment Gateway

My Payment Gateway is requiring us to use TLS v1.2 what changes will I have to make to prepare for these changes?

There is no need to make changes as this negotiation is done by the Java library. So PaperCut versions after 15.3 will use JRE7 which supports TLS v1.2

Do you have information on PCI Compliance for the payment gateways?

Glad you asked! We have more details about that over on the PCI Compliance for PaperCut MF and NG page.


Specific steps for troubleshooting Payment Gateways are included in the setup guide for each.

We also have this article Payment Gateway Troubleshooting with some general steps that apply to any type of Payment Gateway.

More info

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You can also check out the discover section on Integrations, Customizations and Payment Gateways.

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Last updated June 13, 2024