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PaperCut NG free license


How is the 5-user limit defined?

The 5 user limit is defined as the number of users that appear in the PaperCut database. Depending on how you set up PaperCut this will be all the users on your network or the machine that PaperCut is installed on. You also have the option to only import users that belong to a particular domain security group. You can read about it in the knowledge base article here

Built in users that come with Windows are not counted towards your user limit. If you do find “system users” in your user list, you can add them to an Ignored User list.

Is formal registration required to use the free 5-user limit?

No, after your 40 day trial is complete, PaperCut will continue to run as normal if you have 5 or less PaperCut users.

Is this available for both PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF?

The 5 user free license is available in PaperCut NG.

Will the program stop working after the 40 day trial is over?

No, PaperCut will remain functional as long as you remain below the 5 user limit. However, features that require a specific license will cease to function. That includes Release Stations and Advanced Clients.

I have 5 users or less but I am receiving a message…

You may get this message during your trial: “Your license will expire in […] days. Please contact sales to obtain a license.” when logging into the administrator web interface.

Please ignore this warning. Your application will continue to function after the trial license has expired as long as the user count is kept at 5 or less users.

Where do I download the free version of PaperCut NG from?

The free version is the same as the regular version of PaperCut, so you can download it from the Downloads link. As long as you keep the number of users in the system at 5 or less, it will not expire or restrict your access.

What support is there for the PaperCut NG free license?

While we offer the 5 user license for free, unfortunately there is not any phone or chat support for the free license. We’ll absolutely help you out with any issues that you run into, but assistance with the installation, setup of components is on a ‘DIY’ basis. If you’re trying to get things set up, and you’re running into an issue, the first stop is the Knowledge Base - if you’re still stuck, send over a Support request through the Support Ticket form, and we’ll do our best to help out!

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Last updated February 15, 2024