Can Mobility Print users choose a tray?

“Help! I’m a PaperCut Administrator, and my users need to be able to select a bypass tray when printing through Mobility Print. Is this possible?”

There is a trick to get users printing through a specific tray if this is needed in special situations. This might be a useful solution if a small group of users need to print using special paper in a specific tray.

  1. Log onto your Windows print server running Mobility Print.
  2. Add a new print queue for this specific printer, that uses a driver that lets you select the bypass tray or whatever finishing option you want.
  3. Give this print queue a unique name like “Copy Room Card Stock Tray” or “Finance Printer Check Paper”.
  4. Once the print queue is created, right-click on the printer in Print Management console, choose “Set Printing Defaults..” then set the default option to be the desired tray.
  5. Now whenever users send print jobs to this specific print queue, they should print out on the default tray that’s been selected here. Test this out by sending a print job from a Mobility Print client to confirm.
  6. If that doesn’t work, it might be necessary for the Mobility Print Service to be running as a Service Account in the case of some drivers.

An alternative solution would be to use PaperCut’s Print Deploy feature to push out a print queues with specific print drivers to user’s workstations.

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