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Recent Issues with IMAP or POP3 for Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers


Some customers are experiencing issues with the PaperCut Email to Print feature when using Microsoft’s Office 365 email service.

What is the problem?

For some customers, there will occasionally be a failure reading emails or deleting emails. The problem occurs aith both basic authentication and with OAuth authentication.

When the email read fails, the job may not be properly processed by the print spooler, and the following error message will appear in the PaperCut server log.

ERROR EmailPrintingService - error while fetching mail [EmailPrintingService] javax.mail.MessagingException: A3 BAD Request is throttled. Suggested Backoff Time: 241191 milliseconds

There will likely also be a FolderClosed(IO)Exception.

If configured to do so, the notification service of NG/MF will attempt to notify the user, and will try to read the email from the user to get the header information, including protocols etc., so that we can let the user know the print job spooling had failed. This may generate further errors.

Why now?

It is not yet clear why this has suddenly started to occur. In many cases customers have been using Email to Print with Office365 without issue for some time, and only since early October 2022 have they encountered this problem

Is this about authentication?

No, this has nothing to do with the authentication method. Customers who encounter the issue get the same behaviour with basic authentication (username\password) and with OAuth.


We’re continuing to investigate this issue to see if we can find a resolution on the PaperCut side. In the meantime we suggest customers avoid using the Office365 email service with Email To Print where possible.

This problem has been registered as a Known Issue on our website. Please see: .

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Last updated June 13, 2024