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Downgrading PaperCut (to an older version)


When you purchase PaperCut your license allows you to run the current major version. If you install a newer version of PaperCut, then you might not be eligible to run the newer version (see upgrade policy). If you have current Maintenance and Support (M&S) then you are entitled to upgrade at any time.

If you accidentally installed a newer version of PaperCut that your license does not allow you to run, then it is possible to downgrade to a previous release.

Usually the simplest solution to this problem is to purchase an upgrade to the latest version. For a typical school/business the upgrade will usually be in the order of US$200. This is often the most sensible way to go, because it will save you time performing the downgrade, and you also will get access to all the new features in the latest release (and another year of updates for that release). You have a 40 day grace period to organize the upgrade purchase.

The upgrade prices are listed on the following pages:

To purchase an upgrade, click one of the Buy links on the pages above.

Downgrade Instructions

  1. Take a copy of the database backup that was performed automatically by PaperCut during the upgrade. This file is located at [app-path]\server\data\backups\. The filename will look like: schema-XX-upgrade-backup-<timestamp>.zip. This is a snapshot of the database before the upgrade occurred. Make sure you copy this file somewhere safe, and importantly outside of the PaperCut directory. It would be a good idea to copy the entire backups directory for safety.

  2. Double check that you have a copy of the database backup files outside the PaperCut directory. When you uninstall the current version of PaperCut all files will be deleted. So it is very important to copy this file (or preferably all backup files) outside the PaperCut directory.

  3. Uninstall the version of PaperCut currently installed.

  4. Reinstall the older version of PaperCut that you are eligible to run. You can download old versions from here.

  5. Complete the PaperCut setup wizard. (e.g. setting up the admin password, etc).

  6. Once the setup is completed, restore the data from your previous installation (e.g. “schema-XX-upgrade-backup-.zip”). The restore instructions can be found in our RestoringDataFiles Knowledge Base article.

Note: You may run into trouble if you try to move to a version that uses an older database schema version than the version you are currently on. The newer version of the database will likely not be compatible with a database that uses an older schema, so this is an important thing to check! You can find a bit more information on the schema changes we have made here: Database Schema

Special Notes for Apple Mac

The developers have had some reports that the Apple installer in some cases will not allow you to install the older version after installing the new version. The solution is to delete the directory

/Library/Receipts/PaperCut NG Standard Installation.pkg/

before attempting to install the older version. This can be done with a command like:

  sudo rm -rf "/Library/Receipts/PaperCut NG Standard Installation.pkg/"

If you have any questions about this process please email support.

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Last updated July 5, 2023