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Debug output (collect logs) from the Active Directory provider


If requested by support please follow the instructions below to gather debug output (collect logs) from the Active Directory user provider (the component of PaperCut that retrieves information from Active Directory).

AD debug steps

  1. Open a command prompt on the server running PaperCut. e.g. Start→Run and enter cmd.exe.

  2. Change to directory containing UserDirAD.exe. e.g.:
    cd “C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\bin\win”

  3. Run one of the commands below (as requested by support)

  4. Wait until the UserDirAD.exe process exits - use Task Manager to view the process list. It may take a few minutes to run on large networks.

  5. Send the generated file (e.g. all-users.txt and/or all-groups.txt) to PaperCut Support. By the way: your log files and other information you send to us will be treated with care in accordance with our privacy policy.

Note: if the files are large, please place in a zip or equivalent archive before sending.

Debug command options

To list all users:

  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug all-users > all-users.txt 2>&1

To list all users, excluding disabled users:

  • UserDirAD.exe "enable-debug|enabled-users-only" all-users > all-users-enabled.txt 2>&1

To list all users with Card/IDs from the pager field:

  • UserDirAD.exe "enable-debug|card-id-field=pager" all-users > all-users-pager.txt 2>&1

To list all groups:

  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug all-groups > all-groups.txt 2>&1

To list members of a group (usernames only):

  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug group-member-names "your-group" > your-group.txt 2>&1

To list members of a group (full details):

  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug group-members "your-group" > your-group.txt 2>&1

To list details of a single user:

  • echo yourusername | UserDirAD.exe enable-debug get-user-details > details.txt 2>&1
  • echo yourusername > username.txt
  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug get-user-details < username.txt > details.txt 2>&1

To check one user is in one group:

  • UserDirAD.exe enable-debug is-user-in-group "username" "your-group" > isuseringroup.txt 2>&1

Multiple domains can be queried by adding the domains option, e.g.:

  • UserDirAD.exe "enable-debug|;" all-users > multi-domain-all-users.txt 2>&1
  • UserDirAD.exe "enable-debug|;" all-groups > multi-domain-all-groups.txt 2>&1

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Last updated June 13, 2024