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Configuring Paper Sizes with Integrated Scanning


Help! I’m using PaperCut MF Integrated Scanning and want to set the paper sizes that are available for each device. I need some of my users to have A4 and Letter size paper to choose from. Can I configure the Integrated Scanning paper sizes for each device?

If you’ve ever set up a Scan Action in PaperCut MF, you’ll know that there is no option to setup which paper sizes appear on the device or which one is set as the default. This is because this is set automatically based on the regional setting in the PaperCut MF Admin Interface:

For example, if you pick English (United Kingdom) then you’ll get A3, A4, and A5, but if you switch over to English (United States) then this all changes to Letter, Legal and Ledger.

But what about if you’ve got devices in different offices all under a single Application Server? No doubt the users will be confused when presented with Letter size when they are used to A4? Or, what about if you need Letter and A4 as options on the same device?

What have we added?

To allow for this, we’ve introduced a new set of configuration keys to enable you to set the paper size and the default selection on a per-device basis.

Paper Sizes:


This configuration key allows you to set up to three paper sizes which will be available on the device through Integrated Scanning. This configuration key should be populated with a comma-separated list of supported values you wish to use on that device, up to a maximum of 3. The supported Paper Sizes are: Letter, Legal, Ledger, A3, A4, and A5.


Name: ext-device.scan.paper-sizes Value: A4, A5, Letter

Note, if the configuration key is populated with more than 3 values, then only the FIRST three that are also supported by the device will be used on the Scan Setting page for a user to choose from. If the key is not added OR values are misconfigured OR left blank, then it will revert to the default behavior of using the global configuration key.

Default Paper Size:


This configuration key allows you to set the default paper size from the three that are available on the device. It takes a single paper size string for example, “A4” or “Letter”.


Name: ext-device.scan.default-paper-size Value: Letter

Both of these configuration keys are set at the device level, by going to Devices, selecting the device and navigating to Advanced Config. If these configuration keys do not already exist, then you will see the option to add these manually.

What about Auto-size detect?

Auto-size detection is supported on the following embedded platforms:

  • Ricoh SmartSDK v3.0.0 and up (auto-size and Auto-color) (subject to device capability), From: v20.0.1
  • Sharp OSA n2 (auto-size only) (subject to device capability), From: v21.0.1
  • Kyocera HyPAS v3.1.3 and up (auto-size only) (auto-size and Auto-color) (subject to device capability), From: v21.1.1
  • HP OXP (auto-size only) (subject to device capability), From: v21.2.1. See limitations here

From v20.0.1 we support auto-size detection for Ricoh SmartSDK v3.0.0 and up (auto-size and Auto-color), from v21.0.1 we added support for Sharp OSA n2 API (auto-size only) and from v21.1.1 added support for Kyocera HyPAS v3.1.3 and up (auto-size only).

Name: ext-device.scan.paper-sizes Value: A3, A4, auto_mixed

Ricoh only: you can also use the value auto_same which allows for single size auto selection.

Setting Auto-size detect as Default

It is possible to set the Auto (Mixed sizes) page size as the default in any Scan Action, or override the device default with:

Name: ext-device.scan.default-paper-size Value: auto_mixed .

Please note: there are some restrictions imposed by the Sharp OSA n2 API.

  1. Pages are delivered in the same orientation they are scanned.
  2. Automatic page size detection is supported by all scan feeders, but scan platens may not.

Behind the scenes

So, how does this all work behind the scenes?

PaperCut MF is going to check various different places to decide which paper sizes are displayed on the device. The process is as follows:

  1. If you have configured the configuration key: ext-device.scan.paper-sizes then these sizes will be picked up, run against the device’s capabilities and, if supported, displayed for the user to select.

  2. With no device-specific configuration set up, the value of the configuration key system.scan.default-locale will be checked. This is a global configuration key and allows you to set a locale for scanning that is separate to the rest of PaperCut MF. This is not set by default.

  3. If neither of the above options are configured then the location set in the Display options (as shown above) will be used to choose which paper sizes will be displayed.

Still have questions?

Let us know! We love chatting about what’s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

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Last updated February 15, 2024