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This KB article outlines common questions/issues with PaperCut on Novell OES iPrint Linux.

Check the autoload command is configured correctly

Verify that the autoload command is set to exactly papercut. Ensure that this is entered all as lower-case, and there are no spaces before or after the command. If this is incorrect, iPrint will fail to start.

Incorrect architecture

Support for the 32-bit variant of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF on Novell OES was formally terminated on March 1st, 2014. However, if you happen to be running a 32-bit machine and have no recourse to upgrade to a 64-bit environment, caution must be taken to ensure the right architecture variant of PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF is deployed. Novell’s accounting plugin system is architecture dependent and does not handle loading of incorrect binaries. If for example, a 32-bit version was installed on an x64 system, the accounting autoload command will fail to start and the iPrint server will crash. To make matters worse, because ipsmd is then not running, the web interface will fail to load, so you can’t easily remove the autoload command! This also applies to a binary that may be corrupt or have incorrect permissions, etcetera.

In summary, it’s important to install the correct architecture. For your primary Application Server, the installer will warn you if you attempt to install the wrong architecture. When setting up a Secondary Server, you should take care to run the roottasks script found in the correct architecture directory. And if at all possible, move to 64-bit systems across the board, so as to guarantee supportability.

Debug builds of iPrint

For the same reason above, accounting plugins are not binary compatible with special “debug builds” of iPrint. If Novell provide you with a debug build of iPrint (say to diagnose an issue), you’ll need to remove the accounting autoload command before installing this version.

To run PaperCut with a debug version of iPrint, PaperCut needs to be recompiled with special debug flags against the matching debug version. If you’re working with the Novell support team to diagnose an issue and PaperCut needs to be enabled during this diagnostic, please contact our support team. We’ll look into the possibility of supplying a matching compatible debug version of PaperCut.

Common Novell Cluster Setup Issues

A common issue seen with cluster setup is that iPrint (ipsmd) will fail to start after papercut is added to the accounting autoload command. If you’re experiencing this problem you’ll often see something like this in the ipsmd.log file

   WARNING PSMLoadModule: the iPrint Manager can not access Accounting module /opt/novell/iprint/bin/papercut …

This indicates that ipsmd does not have the ability to browse/execute the “papercut” binary. Check the permission on this file. In a cluster enviornemnt the file needs to be owned by root and in the iprintgrp group. Try running the following commands, where “[arch]” reflects the architecture of the server (either “x64” or “i686”):

   chown root:iprintgrp /opt/novell/iprint/bin/papercut

on each node of the cluster to ensure permissions are set up correctly.

Common questions

Q Does PaperCut run on Novell Netware?

No. PaperCut is developed to target iPrint on OES Linux. The development team has decided not to target Netware due to the a combination of the limited life of the platform and technical limitations such as the slower revision rate of iPrint on this platform. All Novell sites will need to migrate to OES Linux soon due to EOL of Netware. PaperCut, while running on a Novell OES Linux print server, will run fine alongside and within a Netware environment (e.g. a Netware eDirectory). Moving print services over to OES Linux running on a new server is also a good way to start the migration of servers to OES Linux.

Q I’ve edited my printer’s location but it’s not “sticking” in PaperCut?

We’ve had a few Novell sites report this problem. The issue seems to be if the change to the printer’s location is not made with an ADMIN userid, then the change will not hold. PaperCut extracts the printer’s location from the padbtxt.xml file and this information is used to update the Location field in the PaperCut database.

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