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How do I find the list of active User Clients?


In Dashboard, we display the number of active clients, however we do not display the details of those active Clients. This information is sometimes helpful for Administrators to track down issues on their site. This can also provide information about who has it installed and who doesn’t. It provides them some visibility into their network.

There are two options available to retrieve this information:

Find active clients with netstat

Netstat is about the best way to see who has a connection open. Most clients will use ports 9191 and 9192.

For example: ‘netstat -na | find “9191”’ The PaperCut server and client have a keep-alive every minute. More information about this is available here.

If the client does not respond, its connection is closed.

Find active clients with print scripting

Another way to check for the PaperCut client is using Advanced print scripting. A print script could be written for each printer. It could be added to one printer and then copied to other printers.

A script like this will write an entry to the Application log for every print job: (See screenshot below)

* Check for PaperCut client
function printJobHook(inputs, actions) {
  var clientRunning = "NO";
  if (inputs.client.isRunning) {
    clientRunning = "YES";
  }‘Client running ' + clientRunning + ‘, ' + inputs.job.username + ‘, ’ + inputs.job.clientIP + ‘, ’ + inputs.job.clientMachineOrIP); }

​ ​

This option will provide information about the user client software when a print job is sent.

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Last updated March 15, 2024