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PaperCut NG/MF Supported Versions policy


This policy defines PaperCut Software’s definition of Supported Versions for PaperCut NG/MF and indicates the elements of support in each.

On this page:

Version naming convention

PaperCut uses a three-part release naming convention to communicate versioning for PaperCut NG/MF:


  • M is the major version
  • n is the minor version
  • r is the minor version revision

For example, at the time of writing, the latest version of PaperCut NG/MF is 22.1.3.

  • M = 22
  • n = 1
  • r = 3

PaperCut-supported versions

PaperCut-supported versions are defined as M - 2 (M minus 2), that is, the current Major [M] version and the two previous Major [M] versions.

PaperCut supports customers on any minor [n] or revision [r] release of any supported major [M] version.

For troubleshooting or support assistance, customers might be asked to upgrade to the last-released revision of their Major version, or the latest version of the current Major release [M]. Any Critical Security Updates are only applied to the last revision of each Major release.

To see the currently supported major versions and the definition of ‘unsupported’, go to our Support End-of-life Policy page.

Support inclusions for each Major version

The following table outlines what support is provided for each major version.

M (current version) M - 1 M - 2
  • Critical Security Updates
  • Assisted Support
  • Critical Security Updates
  • Assisted Support


Critical security updates

Critical security updates are defined as the following:

  • Public Vulnerabilities registered against PaperCut as a vendor, with Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) numbering authorities or equivalent entities with a CVSS v3 rating of 7.0 or greater.
  • Included 3rd Party Dependency updates, where the following principles apply:
    • The vulnerability is registered with CVE numbering authorities or equivalent entities with a CVSS v3 rating of 7.0 or greater.
    • The vulnerability is applicable to the version included/previous versions in the release.
    • Implementation is technically feasible without significant development effort or risk.
    • The PaperCut implemented functionality of the third-party dependency is applicable to the public vulnerability.
  • Only apply to the last release of each Major version.
  • Any other internally discovered vulnerabilities at the discretion of PaperCut Software.
  • In cases when backporting is not feasible or applicable, PaperCut Software will document and outline the reason, including any recommended mitigations or upgrade paths. This information may be made available publicly or on request from partners at the discretion of PaperCut.

Security enhancements

Security enhancements are defined as new functionality in the application designed to increase security through the inclusion of new or changed features in the application.

Feature updates

Feature updates are new or added functionality within the application.

OS compatibility

PaperCut System requirements define the operating system compatibility for all supported versions.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes are corrections to eliminate bugs or glitches in the application.

Assisted support

Troubleshooting or answering questions related to overcoming problems or performing tasks in the applications.

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Last updated March 25, 2024