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Failed to redirect job to printer The specified datatype is invalid



When using Find-Me printing you may encounter the following error on Windows servers:

ERROR: Failed to redirect job to printer (StartDocPrinter). JobId: 125, Datatype: NT EMF 1.008, Printer: \\printserver\itcopier - The specified datatype is invalid. (Error: 1804)

We have seen this issue happen when Advanced Printing Features is enabled on the Find-Me Print queue, but not the destination print queue.

When “Advanced Print Features” is enabled on a print queue then jobs will spool to the print server with the EMF datatype. To make the Find-Me Printing magic work, PaperCut copies these spool files from the Find-Me print queue to the destination print queue when the user is ready to release the print job. However, if “Advanced Print Features” is disabled on the destination print queue then you may see this error message because the queue is not prepared to accept EMF spool files.

To resolve the issue, ensure Advanced Printing Features is uniformly configured (either all on or all off) all the print queues on your server.

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Last updated June 13, 2024