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Syncing a Secondary Email Address from Active Directory



In order to have PaperCut NG/MF sync a secondary email address from Active Directory for your users, the trick is to set it up to point to a custom field in AD.

  1. Login to the PaperCut admin web interface.

  2. Navigate to Options → Actions → Config editor (advanced).

  3. Use Quick find to search for the config key.

  4. In the blank field in the ‘Value’ column, you will need to enter the name of the Active Directory field where your users secondary email addresses are stored. You can use any unused attribute of your choosing in AD (or even create your own). A common selection is to re-use the pager field as there is not much call for pagers these days so it’s a safe choice! Do note that the entry must match the name of the field in AD exactly; it’s case sensitive, and any variation from the exact name of the field will cause the syncing of their additional email addresses to fail.

  5. Press Update next to the Value to apply the change.

Now the next time a user sync takes place, it should pull the email addresses of your users stored in the specified AD field into the ‘Other emails’ field for that user:

Note: If you are not able to see the attribute editor tab in AD for your user objects, you will need to enable the advanced features snap-in. Instructions on doing so can be found here:


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Last updated March 15, 2024