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Implementing Quotas for Shared Accounts


PaperCut has many features to make implementing Print Quotas for users easy. In rarer situations, it may be necessary to set up quotas for a Shared Account.

Quotas for shared accounts can be configured in PaperCut using the command line scripting tool server-command. server-command provides access to PaperCut’s features from a scripting environment. Scripts can then be scheduled to run periodically (e.g. using Windows Task Scheduler or Cron). Scheduling a script that adds balance to shared accounts is a great way to implement shared account quotas.

Here is an example batch file that could be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler:

set SERVER_COMMAND="C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\bin\win\server-command.exe"
set COMMENT="Monthly printing budget allocation"

%SERVER_COMMAND% adjust-shared-account-account-balance “English” 300.00 %COMMENT% %SERVER_COMMAND% adjust-shared-account-account-balance “Science” 100.00 %COMMENT% %SERVER_COMMAND% adjust-shared-account-account-balance “Maths” 200.00 %COMMENT%

For information about the syntax of this command and a list of other available commands, see the user manual.

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Last updated July 5, 2023