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How to Enable Debug in Samsung Devices


The debug option causes a Samsung device to produce a detailed text log of activity. The log allows our developers to inspect the internal workings of the PaperCut application and pinpoint the cause of problems. Enabling debugging is only usually required if requested by the PaperCut Support team.

To enable debug in Samsung devices:

1. Access the devices web administration interface. e.g. http://<device-ip>/, where is the IP address of the Samsung device.

2. Click “XOA” menu, and select the “PaperCut” link from the left menu.

3. You will be prompted to login. Login with the device administrator username and password.

4. After login, reselect the “XOA” menu and select “PaperCut”.

5. Under the “Advanced Configuration” section, enable the “Debug logging” checkbox.

6. Press the “Apply” button at the top right.

7. Now perform the problem action. Try to select a situation that is likely to cause the issue being investigated such as a copy off the glass or a reboot.

8. Record the approximate time of the problem and/or the name of the user logging in. This will help the developers match up log entries with your test activity. Additional information such as what was observed or what was expected would also be useful.

9. Go back to the PaperCut Configuration on the device web admin as above.

10. Click the “Download log file” link to download the logs. Zip these logs and send them in an email to PaperCut Support.

11. Click “Log File”. Copy & paste the text into an email to PaperCut support.

Include an explanation of the steps taken, along with any other information requested by the PaperCut Support.

Collecting the Samsung Device Logs

(Only do this if requested by support.)

The process describes how to retrieve the device level logs from the MFP. You will need a USB thumbdrive.

We received permission from Samsung Support to publish these in our KB to assist diagnosing customer problems.

1. Press and hold the “1”, “2”, “3” hard keys at the same time. You will then be prompted for a password.

2. Enter “1934”, which will take you into engineering mode.

3a. For small/A4 devices: plug in the USB thumbdrive into the XOA USB slot. Now go to “Test Routines”, then “Other” and press “Capture Log”. This will save the logs to the USB key.

3b. For larger/A3 devices: plug in the USB thumbdrive into the XOA USB slot. Now go to “Service Functions”, scroll down 1 page and press “Capture Log”. This will save the logs to the USB key.

4. Send the logs from the USB to us for analysis.

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Last updated February 15, 2024