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Single Sign On for Embedded Devices


PaperCut is often asked about our support for Single Sign On (SSO) in our embedded solution for Multi Function Devices (MFD). As there is so much variation in what different platforms support it can be a little confusing so this article provides some information on what we mean by SSO and how to interprete statements about support.

What is SSO (on MFDs)?

When a user walks up to a MFD they have to log into using their username, PIN or a swipe card. Once the user is authenticated they are generally granted access to printing and copies. This is handled by the PaperCut embedded solution.

Many MFD support other applications on the device. For instance as well as PaperCut there might be applications to support scanning to home directories or user editable address books. However for security and cost management purposes PaperCut must control the device and block access to other applications so that it can control the login process.

With SSO, after PaperCut has verified the user, control may be “handed over” to other applications so that the user can be offered additional functions. As well as transferring control PaperCut will also need to provide information about the logged in user so that features like scan to home directory work correctly.

Support for this feature depends on the platform and/or the 3rd party application.

How does SSO work?

SSO works in different ways across different platforms. The two ways are:

1. The MFD Platform provides support for SSO: PaperCut uses the platform’s in-built SSO functionality and 3rd party apps may re-use this.

2. No platform SSO support exists. 3rd party application may use PaperCut Device REST APIs to access the current user details. PaperCut freely publish their API and there is no charge/cost for other application providers to use this.

How do I find out which option is available to me?

PaperCut provide documentation to its business partners on the current support status for the various solutions (the PaperCut MFD Embedded Solutions Feature Matrix) and you should ask your PaperCut MF reseller for this information on selected application/platform compatibility.

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Last updated February 15, 2024