Revoking PaperCut's access to my Cloud Storage

Help! My organization uses PaperCut and I don’t want PaperCut to be able to upload scanned files to my cloud storage account anymore. What do I need to do to stop these scanned files from appearing?”

Why would PaperCut have access to my Cloud Storage?

When you scanned your first page using PaperCut, you received an email message where PaperCut would have asked for permission to be able to write files to your cloud storage account.

Why would I want to revoke access to my Cloud Storage?

Maybe you’ve decided to clean up your online footprint, so now you’re reevaluating what 3rd party applications you’ve let into your life.

Or maybe when “next, next, next-ed” your way through the instructions you forgot your friend was signed into the web browser on your computer, and now YOUR precious scans are going into THEIR cloud storage.

Either way, it sounds like it’s time for you (or your friend) to log into that cloud storage account and look at what apps have permissions and then tidy them away like Marie Kondo.

How do I revoke PaperCut’s access to my Cloud Storage?

The instructions on how to revoke an App’s access to your account will vary depending on which Cloud Storage Provider you have used.  Follow the links below to go to the appropriate page for each to manage access.  Please note that change may take time on the provider side to be processed.

Google Drive

Go to this page and follow the steps under Remove a site or app with access to your account.

OneDrive Personal 

Go to this page, find PaperCut and click Edit then Remove these Permissions


Go to this page then follow the steps under How to disconnect a third-party app from your Dropbox account.

SharePoint / OneDrive for Business

Go to, sign in with your profile, click your profile image, choose My account, then App permissions. Lastly, revoke the permissions for the PaperCut MF Scan to SharePoint app.

What happens if I revoke access and then try to scan again?

You will see another authorization email from PaperCut requesting access to write files to your Cloud Storage account.

Still have questions?

Let us know! We love chatting about what’s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

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