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Restricted vs Unrestricted users


What is the difference between a Restricted user and an Unrestricted user?

Users who are unrestricted will be able to accumulate a negative balance, e.g. their balance can go below zero, or if they have an overdraft, they can go beyond that.

By default, Filters & Restrictions on Print Queues are also not enforced for Unrestricted Users. You can override this by toggling the tick box found under the PaperCut Administration Console → Printers[printer]Filters & RestrictionsRestriction Scope.

Filters & Restrictions will still allow an Unrestricted user to accumulate a negative balance.

What defines if a user is Restricted or Unrestricted?

To configure a user as restricted or unrestricted simply toggle the tick box found under the PaperCut Administration Console → Users[username]Account Details

How would I use this?

In educational organisations it might be determined that students have a monthly quota and can not use more than that unless they TopUp. Teachers and Staff however require unrestricted printing.

In this scenario students would be restricted with a monthly quota and staff would be unrestricted and accumulate a negative balance. The PaperCut Administrator would then use Scheduled Reports to keep an eye on staff usage.

That’s awesome, but I already have my users setup?

No problem! PaperCut’s Bulk User Actions enables you to select a Group of Users (or a list) and modify their Restricted status. This is accessed via the PaperCut Admin Console → UsersBulk User Actions.

Handling new users

New users will inherit a Restricted or Unrestricted attribute based on the New User Settings for any groups they’re in. If a user is in multiple groups and there is a combination of Restricted and Unrestricted settings they will be Restricted as a result.

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Last updated March 15, 2024