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Release Station FAQ


This article covers commonly asked questions about the PaperCut Release Station.

What is a Release Station?

Two separate usage scenarios exist, and we regard each very differently:

  1. Dedicated Computer Release Station

    Dedicated computer, requires installation of our software using Release Station component. One free license per Site license. If you plan to use two more dedicated computers for this task, you would need to buy *extra* licenses and install the program manually onto each extra computer.

  2. MFP Device Release Station

    Embedded software is already licensed & installed onto the hard drive of the device. No extra licenses are needed.

Do I need to buy Release Station licenses?

PaperCut includes one Release Station license to allow for testing of the feature. The web-based hold/release queue can be used from any browser and does not require a license. It is available via the PaperCut end-user web interface. Only full Release Stations require a license.

Where do I find the Release Station software?

The Release Station application can be found at [app-path]\release\. You can run the application from the central server, and maintain separate configurations for each release station on the server where it is easier to modify them all in case of changes. For more information on this please check the Standard Release Station documentation here.

Do I need to upgrade the Release Station when I upgrade PaperCut?

If you are running the Release Station from the server, the software will be automatically updated when you upgrade the server. Local installations will not need to be upgraded unless it is specifically stated in the release note for the new version, following our policy of maintaining backwards compatibility with all of the components. If you migrate the primary PaperCut server, you will want to verify that you update the release station configuration files to match the new server settings, especially if you have given the server a new IP address or changed the name of the server.

Can I use a swipe card with a Release Station?

Yes, you can use a card reader and swipe cards to authenticate at a Release Station. It does require appropriate card reader hardware, be connected to the Release Station machine, and function as a keyboard. Further details can be found here.

Can I customize the appearance of the Release Station?

Like other PaperCut interfaces, the Release Station appearance is customizable. You can change the background color, font color, logos, language, instructions and the scale factor for high resolution screens. Information regarding these settings and how to modify them can be found here.

How do I limit the print jobs visible from the Release Station?

You can limit the Release Station to show only the jobs from specific print queues, making it easier to find the print jobs for the nearby printers. Each release station can be configured to work with different queues. More information can be found here.

Where do I modify the Release Station connection information?

The connection settings for release stations are located in the
[app-path]\release\ file. This includes the IP address of the PaperCut application server and the port number to use for communication. Please note: using a HTTPS port (such as 9192) is not supported. Please use the HTTP port specified for your PaperCut server (usually 9191).

If the release station uses port 9191, how are my credentials kept safe?

Port 9191 is used to initiate the handshake with the PaperCut Application Server. From there, the PaperCut Print Release station will by default send and receive all sensitive information (such as username and password) via a secure connection.

What is the difference between pc-release.exe and pc-release-secure.exe?

The only difference between the two executables is that they both run in different modes by default.

 pc-release-secure.exe runs in “secure” mode and pc-release.exe runs in “releaseAny”

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Last updated February 15, 2024