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Purchasing a new printer for use with PaperCut



Q I’m purchasing a new printer. How can I check its compatibility with PaperCut?

PaperCut Supports the vast majority of printers. Most network-style printers support either or both of the two popular printer language standards, PCL and Postscript. Some low-cost printers use proprietary undocumented communication languages and these may not be supported by PaperCut. To verify a printer’s compatibility prior to purchase we recommend:

Option 1) Check the printer’s detailed specification and driver list. These are usually available on the manufacturer’s website. Does the printer offer PCL or Postscript support as standard? PaperCut supports all PCL and Postscript printers. Also check our Supported Print Drivers for NG and MF page.

Option 2) Try installing the printer before buying! All manufactures provide driver downloads from their website, and in most cases these can be installed without the actual printer. Download the latest drivers, install, and setup the printer in PaperCut. Print a few test documents from various systems and applications. Because you don’t have the physical printer, jobs will just sit in the queue, however PaperCut should still track printing. Verify that page counts and costs are as expected.

Option 3) Email our support team! We are always happy to advise on suitable and recommended hardware.

Q I’ve purchased a new printer or Multi-Functional Device (MFD). Can I embed the PaperCut app on it, to restrict access?

This functionality is limited to our MF product, and is not available on NG. So if you were looking for an excuse to upgrade to MF, then this would be the perfect opportunity!

If you have MF, then as long as the printer or MFD has a built-in Hard Drive (HDD), or has the option of adding a SDD Memory card, then it should be possible to embed the PaperCut app onto it.

Details on the embedded application for all available manufacturer’s devices are discussed individually here.

You will need to purchase Device licenses for every printer or MFD that you want to install an embedded app on. This should be discussed with the PaperCut reseller from whom you purchased your PaperCut server license.

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Last updated February 15, 2024