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PaperCut Grows FAQ


Q: How do I buy Grows and get a license?

Grows is currently available in PaperCut Hive and PaperCut MF as of MF 22.0.

To join the Grows program and make your printing Forest Positive, reach out to your PaperCut reseller to have Grows added to your licensing.

In future we’d love to make Grows available to all PaperCut customers, including those using PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut NG, so watch this space.

Q: I’ve got more than one MF Application server (e.g. test and prod, multiple sites all running app servers). Will my Grows data still work as expected?

Yes, when Grows syncs data, it also syncs a unique server ID. This means if you have more than 1 application server, all the data from all servers will be counted.

Forest Positive printing is about making a positive environmental impact with all your printing, so any server that processes print jobs will count towards your Forest Positive calculation.

Q: Is my Grows data like pages printed or trees planted shared outside PaperCut?

No. The print usage data MF or Hive report to Grows is only used within Grows to calculate your Forest Positive status and help populate your Grows Marketing Toolkit.

As with PaperCut MF and Hive, your print data - and all your data - is treated as private and not shared with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Q: I use Grows with MF but am looking at moving to PaperCut Hive. How does that work?

We’ll be able to transfer your Grows data from your MF license to your new PaperCut Hive license, so you’ll be just as Forest Positive using Hive as you were using MF.

Q: My company uses recycled paper that is already more environmentally friendly. Can I configure grows to take that into account?

For MF: Short answer, yes. By default, PaperCut’s calculations are based on one tree = 8,333 sheets of paper. If you’re using paper made of recycled material, post-consumer waste or non-tree fibers, you can modify this conversion value to accurately reflect just how many trees are consumed in making your specific paper.

Please contact your paper manufacturer to obtain accurate tree consumption data. Even recycled printer paper commonly contains at least 30% new wood pulp to help bind together the shorter recycled fibers.

For Hive: This functionality is not available through the PaperCut Hive Grows add-on

Q: My page count in Grows does not match my page count in PaperCut, what gives?

It’s actually the sheet count in PaperCut that feeds into Grows. In PaperCut, 1 sheet is 2 pages (front, back). We display the PaperCut sheet count as pages in Grows.

Q: What if a large job is cancelled at the device but PaperCut still says it’s printed? Can I rectify the printed page number to be accurate and have Grows reflect this number?

Yes, if caught and edited within a month of the issue happening. Page counts can be edited following the first set of steps from the Editing Page counts KB.

Also, the use of hardware checking would automatically rectify this problem

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Last updated May 6, 2024