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A Small Change in Default Behaviour as of PaperCut MF ver 22.0.9 with Setting Up Internal User Self Registration

“Help! I’m a Systems Administrator of PaperCut, and I’ve run into an error message while I’m trying to set up settings for the internal users. Why does this happen?”

The Unknown ID PIN

Now Options > User/Group Sync page will not save if certain conditions are met, also a default value for new install has changedThis fix has brought about some minor changes on the Options > User/Group Sync page. The problem we tried to address is when end users are allowed to self-register as internal users, IF the admin had set up the system to auto generate ID PINs, there was no way anybody would know what the PIN was, not the end user, because the PIN is masked by ×*** in their email as well as on the post-registration screen, nor does the admin.

The Fix

We’ve therefore implemented a quick fix to reveal the ID PINs that is not chosen by the user themselves as clear text in the emails that are delivered to them. The user can open the email at their convenience and when no one is around.

The New Constraint

This brought about the necessity for email notifications. We’ve therefore added one constraint on the Options > User/Group Sync page that if: 1. Internal users are enabled; 2. User can self-register; AND 3. ID PINs are randomly generated by system as opposed to self-chosen, then these boxes must be ticked: 1. User must enter an email address; AND 2. Also send email confirmation to the user. Should the first 3 conditions are met and either of the 2 boxes mentioned is not ticked, the page will not save. This is to ensure that when the 3 conditions are met, we can always notify the user of their ID PIN.

For the Admin

How admins add internal users is not affected. Admins can continue to add internal users without providing an email address, because the admins have to input a PIN value while creating internal users. If they choose to, they can inform end users of their ID PINs in different ways, e.g. on a piece of paper.

A Change of Default

Due to this new constraint, we also changed the default value of “Also email confirmation to the user” box to be ticked, as “User must enter an email address” is already by default on. This ensures in new installs, when the admin enables internal users and self registration, they have a smoother user experience of not bumping into too many error messages.

With Existing Installations

This does not affect the settings of old installs. The constraint will NOT apply to pre-existing configurations. It only applies when you try to change any settings on the Options > User/Group Sync page because that is when the validation processes run again. If you are making changes to the settings on this page and run into this problem that you never had or knew of before, it is because we have added a new constraint. It is now the expected behaviour of the MF server as of version 22.0.9.

The Workaround

So what can you do when you run into this problem? You can either tick the box to allow the user to choose their own PIN, if you prefer not to send email notifications out, OR alternatively you can tick the box “Also email confirmation to the user”, so that while the ID PIN was randomly generated, the user will know their own PIN through the email notification.

Categories: User Management

Keywords: {$Internal Users , Email Notification , ID PIN , Options Group User Sync}


Last updated February 15, 2024