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Upgrading your PaperCut License


If your current PaperCut license is not valid for the version of PaperCut you have installed (e.g. you are running version 18.0 but your license is for version 17.4) you may want to upgrade to our latest version. This is easy and can be done using our online order system for a small upgrade fee.

You may want to look at purchasing our Maintenance and Support (M&S) instead of a new license if you want to be able to upgrade freely for a numbers years, this is actually cheaper in a lot of cases with lots of additional benefits!

PaperCut NG

To purchase a new license, follow the link below to our online order system. If you need to raise a purchase order, you can use the order system to generate a quotation:

Purchase a New License

PaperCut MF

To purchase a new license, contact your Sub-Reseller, Reseller or ASC depending on your region! (For most countries this is your Sub-Reseller or Reseller depending on your contract.)

Take a look at your ‘About’ tab in the PaperCut admin console if you’re unsure who this is - that should contain the contact information under the ‘Sales contact’ section.

You can take a look at our upgrade policy for further details. If you have any questions about purchasing, please contact our Sales Team.

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Last updated February 15, 2024