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Not For Resale License (NFR)


This license is specifically for PaperCut Authorized Partners and Resellers to use at their own sites and on their own machines.

If you are an end customer or a Reseller with an end customer looking to trial PaperCut MF please skip to the end of this article for more details

What is an NFR license?

The PaperCut Not For Resale license is a special license exclusive to PaperCut Authorized Partners and resellers. It is a fully functional PaperCut MF/NG license that is valid for 6 months at a time.

An Authorized Partner and its Resellers are entitled to install an NFR license to demonstrate the PaperCut MF product in any of the following sales scenarios:

  • Showrooms: for demonstrating to potential customers.
  • Within your organization: it is always good to use the products you sell.
  • Your laptop: for demonstrations at the customer site or other scenarios outside of a showroom.
  • Exhibitions/trade shows: showcasing PaperCut MF to prospects.

What does an NFR contain?

Each NFR license includes:

  • 200 x Users
  • 2,000 x Embedded for each MFD type
  • 100 x Release stations
  • All payment gateways and other connectors
  • 2 x Job Ticketing rooms
  • PaperCut MF - Advanced Print Enablement Pack, multiple rooms
  • PaperCut MF - On-Prem OCR and Document Processing Pack

Other Information

  • All colleagues in your organization can access the same NFR license. You can either share the license with one another or log into the portal to download an existing active NFR. They will require login credentials to the PaperCut Partner Portal to access the NFR download. Here’s how to get started with our Partner Portal.
  • Note that with PaperCut MF version 24 and later, the NFR entitlements are shared between any Application Servers using that NFR license. So for example if you use the same NFR license on 2 separate Application Servers each with 10 devices, and the NFR has 2,000 device entitlements, you’ll have 1,980 device entitlements left. NFRs on these later versions can only be applied by uploading the NFR license file - there is no activation key provided for NFR licenses at this time.
  • An Authorized Partner can grant an NFR license to their sub-resellers, or these subsidiaries can create their own.
  • We recommend that all parties using an NFR license for demonstration purposes are required to complete the latest version of the PaperCut Technical Certification available on the PaperCut Partner Portal.
  • 14 days before the expiry of the NFR license, a new one can be created in the portal.


  • The NFR license should never be installed on an end-user, customer, or potential customer site. The 40-day trial license should be used for customer trials or on-site demo/ Proof of Concept installations
  • This license is non-transferrable to any other party outside of your business

How to download an existing or create a new NFR?

Download an existing NFR

To be able to download an existing NFR you will need to have access to the PaperCut Partner Portal.

Create a new NFR

To be able to create an NFR you will need to have the following :

  • Access to the PaperCut Partner Portal
  • Permission to create NFRs

To get access to the PaperCut Partner Portal and/or permission to create NFRs please speak to your Authorized Partner. You are also welcome to reach out to us at PaperCut Customer Care and we can help you with this process.

How do I install an NFR license?

See InstallingLicenseFile


Are you looking to trial PaperCut MF?

Contact us through the Customer Care Contact Form and we will put you in contact with one of our Authorized Partners who will help you with a trial.

Not sure why you can’t download PaperCut MF yourself? This page will show you the Value that all our Authorized Partners bring.

Wondering about the services a PaperCut Reseller can provide?

As an Authorized Partner or Reseller, if your customer wants to trial PaperCut MF, log into the PaperCut Partner Portal and download it there. If you are not sure how to login please visit this page.

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Last updated June 13, 2024