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Multiple Application Server Licensing


We often get asked the question, “Am I allowed to run PaperCut NG/MF on multiple servers?” The short answer is, “yes you can, with a few conditions.”

How can my license be used?

When you purchase a license for PaperCut NG / MF you have the right to install the software into your environment. This installation may consist of a single print server or multiple print servers in your network. The license entitles you to install one Application server into your production environment with either multiple sites servers, multiple secondary servers, and/or multiple direct print clients. You can also use this same license to install a second PaperCut Application server into your testing environment for validation purposes.

The above scenario works for a large proportion of our customers, with all management and control of their print environment being managed through a single Application server and controlling printing across the entire organization.

Can I use my license to run a separate PaperCut Application server at multiple sites?

There are some occasions where the above licensing model does not suit all customers. Generally, in these cases, we would expect that if multiple Application servers are to be run in your organization, you would purchase a license for each new Application server install. This would be valid in cases where you have split IT management of the different sites, and each location runs as a separate entity.

For example: ‘Company X’ operates in Australia, Singapore, and the USA. Whilst it is a single organization each location is maintained separately with a local I.T. team managing the hardware, software, and networks independently. In this scenario, we expect the organization to purchase multiple licenses. One license for Australia that covers the MFDs in Australia, a separate license for Singapore that covers the MFDs in Singapore, and another separate license for USA, that covers the MFDs in the USA.

What if I only want one license to use on multiple production Application Servers?

Whilst the above licensing structure can be highly effective for many organizations, by allowing local support teams to be able to manage and control the budgeting and fleet deployment in each location, we understand that this does not suit all organization structures.

In some select cases, we do offer an Enterprise-wide license to be purchased and installed onto multiple production Application servers. This single license can be useful to some customers by allowing for a central purchasing team to be able to track, manage and control the print management licenses through a single purchase/invoice, instead of having to manage multiple licenses and support contracts throughout the organization. It can also be helpful at times of the license renewal, as one payment ensures the entire organization is covered.

You should also consider the increased manual fleet management required as an organization-wide license will contain all MFDs used at all sites in the license file. It is your responsibility, as the customer, to ensure that you do not exceed the total number of devices in your fleet. With a standard license - If you have a license per site - 10 MFDs covered on your license for site 1, then we notify if you exceed this license count by trying to install an 11th device.

With an enterprise license - If you have 10 MFDs per site, your license will show as 30 MFDs allowed when you install it at each site. If you exceed this number - 10 MFDs site 1, 10 MFDs site 2, 11 MFDs site 3, you will not receive a notification. So you will have to monitor your total device usage and update the license to cover all 31 devices to ensure you are not in breach of the agreement.

To determine if you qualify for this license, please take a look at our Enterprise Wide license page: https://www.papercut.com/kb/Main/EnterpriseWideLicense#organizations-with-one-physical-site

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Last updated June 16, 2020