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Does PaperCut have least-cost routing?



Least cost routing is a term user to describe a system that determines the most cost effective printer/device to print a given job on. For example, a document of 1000 pages is printed on Printer A (say a slow laser printer). PaperCut is able to determine what the job would cost on other printers and if a cheaper one is found, the user can be alerted and given the option to have the job print on the cheaper device. This may either be via a popup hint or instruction. If the user selects “yes” the job would be routed/redirected across to the other device (if compatible) or if not, simply stopped so the user can re-print again targeting the other device.

Least cost routing is an advanced print management technique often used on large sites with many devices.

PaperCut implements least cost routing via Advanced Print Scripting and an example script recipe is included demonstrating the best method.

Categories: Reference Articles , Scripting and APIs , Charging and Billing

Keywords: printer lease cost routing , leastcost , redirection


Last updated June 13, 2024