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Q Help! Iím a PaperCut MF Sys Admin and some of my users’ OCR scan jobs are failing with the following message:
The OCR process has timed out after {0} minutes while converting the scan job by {1} on {2} to a searchable document. Refer to the Integrated Scanning Troubleshooting section in the PaperCut manual.
How can I fix this?


  1. In the PaperCut MF Admin interface, navigate to Options > General.
  2. In the Actions menu, click Config editor (advanced).
  3. Search for system.scan.ocr.processing-timeout-mins
  4. Change the value to the number of minutes (default of 30) after which the job will timeout. We recommend 60.
  5. Click Update.

Your OCR jobs will now timeout after the number of minutes you just set!

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