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Embedding PaperCut Web Pages in your site



When your organization needs access to PaperCut from within your intranet site, v14.3 enables inline frame (iframe) placement.

PaperCut web pages can be embedded using iframes. Link to admin, user or reports pages via the following URL’s:

Target URL
User web pages [papercut server]/user
Admin web pages [papercut server]/admin
Central reports [papercut server]/central-reports
Release Station [papercut server]/release
Web Cashier [papercut server]/webcashier

The 14.3 release provides a configuration key auth.allow-iframe-embed to control whether IFrame embedding is permitted. Set this value to Y to enable IFrame embedding.

If the configuration key auth.allow-iframe-embed is set otherwise, PaperCut will disable IFrame embedding. The configuration key can be set using the Config Editor

We recommend embedding pages with caution, as the use of iframes may cause security vulnerabilities.

PaperCut versions 14.1 (build 26983) and 14.2 (all builds) do not allow iframe embedding. If you are running one of these builds, please update to version 14.3 or later.

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Last updated February 19, 2024