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HP JetDirect Socket - setting up print management



HP JetDirect Socket describes the process in which the printer is connected to the server/system. A JetDirect Socket means that the server communicates with the printer via a standard TCP socket connection over the network. This method of connection is often called a Standard TCP/IP Port in other non-HP brands, and the process is commonly refereed to as setting up a “networked printer”. The TCP port used for communication is port 9100.

PaperCut’s Print Management Software is 100% compatible with HP JetDirect Sockets and is able to track, quota, control and report all printing done via a network socket connection. No special setup, configuration or extra software is required. PaperCut should automatically detect all your JetDirect HP printers upon install.

PaperCut is also a vendor neutral solution and will work with printer connection methods used by all other printer manufactures. It’s not a HP only solution and is not bound to a particular technology offered by any particular vendor.

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Keywords: printer ports , printer connections , jet direct , local printer , network printer , standard tcp port


Last updated June 13, 2024