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Getting started with Scan to Fax


This article explains the different types of Scan to Fax connectors and associated experiences. It also contains a list of fax providers and a list of the makes and models of Multifunction Devices (MFDs) that support Scan to Fax.

Two types of Scan to Fax

There are two ways to connect to a fax provider from PaperCut MF:

The Generic SMTP connector is the basic connector that allows you to send a document you scanned at the MFD as an email to your fax provider. The scanned document is sent via an email (or an SMTP) gateway with a specific recipient email address (specified by the fax provider) and is then converted to a fax.

API-based connectors use HTTPS to connect to fax providers. These connectors are more secure compared to the Basic (Generic SMTP) connector and offer more advanced functionality, including two-way communication.

To set up an API-based connector, you need the endpoint URL and login credentials of a user who has access to the send faxes and access user profiles.

Summary of the difference between the Basic and Advanced Scan to Fax experiences

Manually enter recipient detailsManually enter recipient details and or select them from a personal or shared phonebook
Available on most MFDsAvailable on selected MFDs
Included in PaperCut MFRequires an additional license
Works with any fax provider that accepts a PDF via emailWorks with selected fax providers
SMTP cover page not supported by PaperCut. More details in the FAQ.Cover page feature is available for supported advanced connectors (provider-specific API-based). More details available on each fax provider’s portal.

Supported fax providers and MFDs

We currently support the following fax providers and the list is growing:

  • GoFax
  • RightFax
  • XM Fax Cloud
  • XM Fax On-premises
  • Retarus
  • eGoldFax
  • Concord
  • WestFax (developed, sold and supported by WestFax)

For setup details for each fax provider, take a look at Configure Integrated Scanning in the manual.

The following tables show which fax providers support which MFDs.

Fax providers - Basic experienceMFDs
Any fax provider that accepts a fax job as an emailCanon MEAP
 Dell MFD (LeS)
 Fujifilm Business Innovation
 Fuji Xerox ApeosPort V+ (AIP)
 Konica Minolta (OpenAPI 4.0+), Konica Minolta (LeS)
 Kyocera (HyPAS)
 Lexmark (LeS)
 Oki (LeS)
 Ricoh (SDK/J, SmartSDK)
 Sharp (LeS, OSA, OSA HTML Browser n2.0+)
 Toshiba (LeS), Toshiba (eConnect), Toshiba (HTML Browser n2.0+), Toshiba (v3+)
 Xerox (Secure Access EIP 1.5+)
Fax providers - Advanced experienceMFDs
RightFaxKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation
XMFaxKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation
GoFaxKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation
RetarusKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation
eGoldFaxKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation
ConcordKonica Minolta (Open API4.0+), Toshiba V3+, Sharp OSA n2, Xerox, Canon MEAP, HP OXP, Ricoh SmartSDK, Fujifilm Business Innovation

MFDs that support multiple recipients

We currently support the following MFD platforms for multiple fax recipients:

  • Konica Minolta (Open API4.0+)
  • Toshiba V3+
  • Sharp OSA n2
  • Xerox
  • Canon MEAP
  • HP OXP

Platforms not listed above don’t support fax multi recipients.

Output file types

Most fax providers accept a variety of document types as attachments, including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and Microsoft Office documents. If you don’t have any specific requirements around the file type, using PDF is a safe option.

To find the file types that your fax provider supports, refer to their documentation.

Note: Some fax providers have limitations on how many pages you can send, and also the maximum size of the file the scan creates.

Fax providerFax provider documentation
eGoldFaxContact your eGoldFax support agent for details
ConcordFax and Automation for IT, Security and Compliance Professionals

Default file types

Choose PDF as the default file type, since it is universally supported by fax providers.

Supported DPIs

Most fax providers support two or more resolutions for your scanned documents:

  • fine mode
  • standard mode.

A resolution above 300 dpi is not going to improve the quality of your fax.

Frequently asked questions

How many pages can I scan and send?

Some fax providers have limitations on how many pages you can send and also the maximum size of your scanned document. Refer to your fax provider documentation for details. For example, with GoFax, if you are using the Basic (Generic SMTP) connector the maximum page count is 99 pages and the total file size must be less than 50 megabytes.

What happens to all my Scan to Fax actions in a mixed fleet environment?

Good question. Now, let’s look at an example. Wellness Hospital has:

  • 10 Konica Minolta (support the advanced experience) MFDs
  • 5 Lexmark (support the basic experience) MFDs.

The SysAdmin has just set up two Scan to Fax actions:

  • one using the RightFax API-based connector (advanced experience)
  • one using the Basic (Generic SMTP) connector (basic experience).

You can now enable advanced Scan to Fax on a per device basis, just like you enable integrated scanning. Once enabled, and if you have set up an advanced API-based Scan to Fax action, this device will now be counted against your fax connector licenses. The SysAdmin also gains granular control over which experience (basic or advanced) is shown on which device. For example, they can set up the Konica Minolta MFD so that when a user logs in to it, they see only the advanced scan action. And when they log in to a Xerox MFD, they see only the basic scan action.

Why does the fax number field in the MFD accept any character, not just numbers?

Fax numbers can contain characters other than numbers, for example, the plus sign. We have decided to err on the side of being lenient in this case.

How do the ‘Recipient name’ and the ‘Recipient company name’ get used in my fax?

They appear on your fax cover page if you have configured the cover page to do so.

Can I set up a cover page for my fax? Can I tailor the cover page?

This feature is currently available for Advanced (provider-specific API-based) connectors.

Please check if you have enabled the cover sheet for this customer/user on the fax server provider’s portal. Each fax provider has a different setup to enable this, so refer to the fax server provider’s documentation. You might also be able to choose a template of your liking for the cover page.

The cover page feature for the Basic (Generic SMTP) connector is currently not supported by PaperCut. This is because the SMTP protocol does not have a standard way to communicate cover page information. Each fax provider has its own workaround, in the subject line, in the email body, etc.

The ‘Test fax connection’ button says everything is okay but I still can’t send a fax?

The Test fax connection button checks if you have entered the correct fax settings by trying to connect to the fax provider. Even though it’s a very good indication of whether the scan action is correctly set up, there can still be other reasons that prevent you from sending a fax using the Scan to Fax action.

I have a different fax provider than listed in your supported partners. Does Scan to Fax work with them?

Yes - it’s likely that your preferred fax provider will support our basic scan to fax functionality. Reach out to them for confirmation. For configuration information on the PaperCut interface see Configure Integrated Scanning in the manual.

I use an MFD brand that doesn’t support the “advanced” fax experience - when will it be ready?

PaperCut has a roadmap that includes most major MFD brands allowing you to have the advanced fax experience some time during 2022. So watch this space…

What do I have to buy to make the Basic fax experience work from my MFD?

You will need PaperCut MF version 21.0 or later with Integrated Scanning enabled and a fax server (purchased from your preferred fax provider) or a cloud fax account.

What do I have to buy to make an Advanced fax experience work from my MFD?

First, you need to ensure that your MFD supports the advanced fax experience. Check the device list above . You’ll need PaperCut MF version 21.0 as a minimum with Integrated Scanning enabled. You will also need an advanced fax license/s and a fax server or a cloud fax account from your preferred fax provider

Is the fax provider server included as part of PaperCut software?

You will need to invest in the fax server. Contact the fax provider of your choice. Here’s a list of supported fax providers .

Do I need to have the same number of advanced Scan to Fax licenses as MFDs?

No - there is a minimum of 10 fax licenses required for the advanced experience but the number of Scan to Fax licenses does not have to match the number of MFD embedded licenses.

Example 1 - You have 50 Konica Minolta licenses but only require 15 Scan to Fax licenses - This is possible by only purchasing the number of Scan to Fax licenses required.

Example 2 - You have 8 Toshiba V3 devices - You will need to buy the minimum amount of Scan to Fax licenses which is 10.

What happens if I go over my limit of Scan to Fax licenses?

The service will warn you that you are over the limit but you can continue to operate as normal for a period of time. Please reach out to your reseller to purchase more Scan to Fax licenses to ensure your functionality isn’t impacted.

Do I need M&S to make this service available?

Active Maintenance and Support is required to ensure your Scan to Fax will function. If you do not have active M&S, please refer to your PaperCut reseller.

How do I implement the two experiences?

To implement the Basic experience, when you’re ready to choose a fax provider, on the Scan Action Details page just choose any Generic SMTP fax provider. For the Advanced experience, choose one of the other API-based providers such as RightFax, XMFax, Retarus, Concord, eGoldFax, or GoFax. For the complete procedure, see Configure Integrated Scanning in the manual.

What happens if there is a connection issue?

If there is a connection issue then it’s likely to be caused by either:

  • a network issue
  • incorrect Fax Provider settings that don’t match with the account for the Fax experience.

To help you test the connection, there’s a test fax connection button you can click after creating the fax scan action.

Can users select recipients from a phonebook when sending a fax?

The phonebook feature allows you to select the scan recipients from a phonebook. If your fax provider supports phonebooks, when users send a fax from the MFD they can select recipients from their fax provider’s contact list. The first 50 contacts (configurable on most platforms via the PaperCut MF Admin web interface) in the phonebook are displayed and you can search the phonebook to find any contact’s details.

Users can add multiple recipients either using Manual Entry and/or the Phonebook.

Note: Ricoh has the phonebook functionality, but at present you can only select a single recipient. See the list above for which platforms currently support multiple recipients. We hope to expand support for multiple recipients to further platforms in future, so watch this space!

What is the minimum version of RightFax that works with PaperCut Scan to Fax?

For the advanced experience we recommend a minimum version of RightFax 16.4. For the basic (Generic SMTP) experience we recommend RightFax 9.0+.

What is the minimum version of XMFax that works with PaperCut Scan to Fax?

For on-premise connectors, we recommend XMFax 9.0+ as the minimum version. Environments that use the cloud connector are always at the latest version and will always work with Scan to Fax.

How can an eGoldFax customer get a token and details for connecting to eGoldFax via an eGoldFax portal?

We require the following to set up an eGoldFax scan action:

  • API base URL
  • Account ID
  • Application ID
  • API key for the eGoldFax API.

Contact your eGoldFax support agent for details.

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Last updated April 30, 2024