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Obtaining debug logs from Fuji Xerox Embedded devices



NOTE: This only applies to Fuji Xerox devices that are embedded as Fuji Xerox (AIP) device type. For the newer Fuji Xerox ApeosPort V+ (AIP) devices, the logs are included in the PaperCut Application Server logs.

To obtain debug logs from a Fuji Xerox embedded device:

1. Login into the CWIS/web administrative interface of the device by navigating the browser to the IP/hostname of the device.

2. Select Security > Plug-in Settings > List of Embedded Plug-ins.

3. Click the “Set” button.

4. Perform the required steps.

5. The logs can be downloaded by accessing the authentication plugin UI.

If the “Set” button does not exist, then this may be an older generation device.

On older generation devices, the facility to download the logs is not available and only remote logging is possible from the embedded plugins. Remote logging can incrementally send log events from the device to either the Application Server or a third party syslog server.

Logging to the application server can be enabled via the ext-device.fuji_xerox_aip.plugin.log-app-server-frequency advanced configuration key. This key can be found in the PaperCut admin interface under Devices[devicename]Advanced Config.

By setting the value to a positive number, the logs will be automatically saved under [app-path]\server\tmp\device-[id]-[name] folder (where [id] and [name] are the internal device identifier and device name respectively).

Make sure to reproduce the relevant problem prior to collecting and submitting the logs.

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Last updated June 13, 2024