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Explanation of printing only after last page has spooled



Q Why does PaperCut change the printer driver setting from “start printing immediately” to “start printing after last page has spooled” ?

PaperCut needs to analyze the complete document before sending it to the printer. So, when a print job comes PaperCut pauses it until it spools to the server completely and then analyzes it. (E.g. To check if the user has enough credit, page count). Changing this setting is a technical requirement for PaperCut to ensure reliable monitoring. It might have a small impact on the printing performance while the document spools on the server.

The analysis time will vary with the size of the document. But is usually very fast (a few seconds). If a multiple megabyte spool file or the server is heavily loaded, then it might take more time. If page level color detection has been enabled on the printer, then that can slow the analysis time because PaperCut needs to do much more complicated checks on the print job.

As a workaround, you can also configure PaperCut to ignore a specific print queue and then this setting will no longer be applied. However, this does mean that the job will not be tracked by PaperCut.


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Last updated June 13, 2024