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Delegated Print Release Configuration


It may be sometimes beneficial to allow a nominated user to release jobs printed by another user. A team assistant may be required to collect documents sent to a queue by a project manager, etc.

Although these features have similar names, “Delegated Print Release” works differently from “Hold/Release Queue Manager”.


This functionality can be enabled on a per user basis under the PaperCut administration interface. From the user list, select the nominated user. In the User’s Details option list, locate the Advanced Options subheading and the Allow this user to release jobs printed by option. Once enabled, you will be able to input a comma separated list of usernames or group names that this user will be able to release print jobs for.

Bulk Updating users for Delegated Release

If you’re wanting to change multiple users so that they can release jobs printed by user/group X then you can use the Bulk User Operations action.

Go into Users → Bulk User Actions → Change Settings → Change advanced user settings → Change this user to release jobs printed by others (Delegated print release) and then update the users or groups that you require.

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Last updated June 13, 2024