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PaperCut’s user list is a “mirror” of the underlying server or domain user list. Any new users added to the domain will appear in PaperCut (either on next user/group sync or on first-print). Any users deleted off the domain will be removed when Synchronize Now is selected if the Delete users that do not exist in the selected source option is selected.

Please note that deleting a user in PaperCut will not remove the user’s historical printing data - you can still report on the printing that the user performed, using the Reports tab to view historical information. There is more information about deleting users and how this might affect Reporting on the Reports Data FAQ page.

It is common in an academic environment to have to delete user accounts on mass at the end the academic year. The recommended procedure is:

1. Delete the inactive user accounts from your domain and server. Large organizations will often automate this process via scripts and lists of student enrollments.
2. During a period of low system activity, perform a backup of the system. With PaperCut NG, this can be performed via the Options->Backup area as documented in detail here. Deleting user accounts is a destructive operation so it’s always a good idea to take a backup beforehand!
3. Navigate to Options->User/Group Sync and perform a test user synchronization using the Test Settings button with the Delete users that do not exist in the selected source option selected.
4. When the Test Settings information shows the correct user and group count you are ready to perform the user synchronization. Select Synchronize Now with the option Delete users that do not exist in the selected source selected.
5. Take some time now to confirm that all is as expected.

Note: Deleting a user will not delete the user’s print history data. All historical log data will remain.

How do I permanently redact user data?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates that users have a Right to be Forgotten; to have all identifiable data related to them which is stored by an organisation permanently removed upon request. As of version 17.2 of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF, this specialised form of user deletion is implemented as a server-command.

For further information, check out our Knowledge Base article on GDPR.

How do I delete users automatically overnight?

The delete users option is not “remembered” and hence will not occur when the sync occurs overnight. The only way to delete users is to do so manually via the Options page by ticking the deleted option then doing a manual sync. This is so we can give you the warning to backup first, as we have seen a few customers over the years accidentally delete their users by not remembering to turn this option off. Hence this option is always off by default.

If deleting old users overnight is important, then it is possible to do this via the command-line tool server-command.exe. e.g. Run a batch file from Windows Task Scheduler like:

 cd C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\bin\win
 server-command.exe perform-user-and-group-sync-advanced TRUE TRUE

We recommend running this command during a period of low system activity such as 4:00am.

The video below demonstrates how to delete users from PaperCut

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