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Custom User Sync Integration



Some operating environments use proprietary software system as the primary handler of authentication and user records. Such systems can include proprietary industry-specific ERP and workflow systems that entire companies centralize around and can be difficult to interface with because they do not support AD or LDAP integration. In these types of environements Papercut MF/NG can make use of a custom plugin.

This type of integration utilizes PaperCut’s support for custom user directory and authentication programs. More information on this can be found in the PaperCut help centre.

For technical information on how to develop your own custom plugin please see the GitHub repository.

It’s also possible to manage shared accounts and internal users via the PaperCut MF/NG web services API as explained here.


Q If “Delete users that do not exist in the selected source” is disabled, what happens if User is missing from selected custom source? Is account disabled?

The account will be left and not deleted from PaperCut. To delete these accounts, run a sync with the delete option selected, or manually delete the user via the interface (or via server-command.exe).

Q What happens when “Enable internal users” is disabled?

Internal users is disabled by default. Internal users are mutually exclusive from the sync source and only exist in the PaperCut database. PaperCut will not call custom plugin operations on any internal users if defined.

Q Groups still must be added manually through “Add/Remove Groups”?

Yes. In many environments there are often thousands of groups in the user directory. Most are defined for purposes such as file permissions, etc. and are not relevant to printing. Each group added into PaperCut adds some sync overhead as users and groups are matched up in the database. For this reason the administrators must select the groups appropriate for printing (e.g. rules, reports, filters, …). Automatically importing all groups would cause performance problems.

PaperCut would like thank Jarad for his contribution to this article.

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Last updated June 13, 2024