Configuration error - no compatible queues for redirection

PaperCut’s Find Me printing is a flexible and powerful feature. It does however require a methodical approach to setting it up.

If you receive an error similar to Configuration error - no compatible queues for redirection then it is likely that a step has been missed. This KB article will go through each portion of the Find Me printing setup to make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

The two main reasons for seeing this error message are:

1) The Virtual Queue does not have the correct “compatible queues” defined.
2) The MFD/Copier/Hardware Device on the Devices tab is not configured to list jobs from the right Virtual Queue

So with that in mind, we need to:

i) Make sure printing directly to the device works without the “hold/release queue” option enabled on the Printer in PaperCut. (In Printers → printername → Summary → Hold/Release Queue Settings)

ii) When this is working, enable Hold/Release on the direct queue and test again. Try releasing the job via the PaperCut Admin Console under the Printers → Jobs Pending Release tabs.

iii) When this is working, try releasing the job from the direct queue using the MFD/Copier/Hardware Device Release interface on the physical device (make sure the Device in PaperCut is set to let jobs release from this direct queue).

iv) Finally when i, ii, and iii are working, introduce a Virtual Queue into the mix and reconfigure the MFD/Copier/Hardware Device to release from the Virtual Queue (Details are included on the following KB article - Virtual Queue).

This process of “progressively getting more complex” usually helps determine which step/task is missing or is causing the problem.

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