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Language Support in Config Files (Unicode characters)



Some components of PaperCut, such as the print release station and user client tool use config files to customize their behavior. These files have the .properties file extension.

If you experience problems entering non-Latin characters into a config file, such as changing the title of a print release station and using Chinese, Japanese or Korean text, you will need to convert the text to “escape codes” or the ‘Unicode’ character equivalents.

For Example: PâperCût would need to look like this within a .properties file: P\u00E2perC\u00FBt.

To do this:

  1. Visit this online unicode converter page, and type or paste your text into the top text field (labelled Mixed input).
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Copy the text from the bottom-left text field (labelled JavaScript escapes). It should look like a series of “\u30d7\u30ea…”.
  4. Paste/type this text into your PaperCut config file.

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Last updated February 15, 2024