PaperCut Chrome App replacement coming soon

In January 2020, Google Inc. announced they’ll be discontinuing support for Chrome apps in favor of Chrome extensions, and they recently outlined when this transition will begin.

A Chrome app is currently used by both PaperCut Mobility Print and Print Deploy to enable printing from Chrome OS devices. In some circumstances the app’s also used for Windows, MacOS, and Linux users via the Google Chrome browser.

The PaperCut Chrome app will continue to work until a PaperCut Chrome extension is available to replace it, and you have been given sufficient time to migrate your users.

A bit more detail

PaperCut engineers are working to update our Chrome extension to include all functions currently provided by the Chrome app to ensure you and your users can continue printing.

Google are extending their API to provide the necessary functions, and they have extended support for the PaperCut Chrome app to allow PaperCut sufficient time to build the new extension.

What you’ll need to do

When the new PaperCut Chrome extension becomes available:

  • Chrome OS device users will need to be migrated to the new extension within 9 months from availability
  • non-Chrome OS device users will need to either:
    • be migrated to the new Chrome extension within 3 months
    • install the native Mobility Print or Print Deploy client for their operating system to continue printing.

Support’s on the way

When the PaperCut Chrome extension is ready, PaperCut will provide a migration guide and self-help materials.

If you manage your user environment via Google Workspace, you’ll be able to centrally configure and deploy the Chrome extension to your users.

Users who self-installed will need to install the new Chrome extension themselves.

We’ll update this page when the PaperCut Chrome extension and self-help materials become available.

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