Changing the job timeout in hold/release queues

When jobs are left held in a hold/release queue (e.g. release station) for a long time they are eventually deleted. By default the timeout period prior to v11.4 was set to 30 minutes, but based on a 2011 survey of our customer base we have increased the default timeout of jobs in hold/release queues. The default value differs between education and commercial/professional sites (2 hours for education, 4 hours for commercial/professional). The timeout is configurable but the default is a good compromise between user convenience and environmental savings. The new default only affects new installations. The period can be changed via:

Options → General → Hold/Release Queues → Delete held jobs if not released after.
  • This setting also applies to any print jobs held by PaperCut, including in a Find Me printing setup using global virtual print queues.
  • Modifying this setting will only affect new print jobs, so previously held jobs will not have their hold time retroactively adjusted.
  • Increasing the hold time will cause PaperCut to use additional server resources, so please adjust this setting incrementally and monitor the result.

If you’re running 15.1 or later, you can now also set this on a per-job / per-group / per-printer (and more!) basis using Print Scripts:

  • Example recipe under Printers → [select your printer] → Scripting → Import Recipe → Adjust Hold/Release Queue timeout for selected group
  • Demonstrates the new ‘actions.job.setHoldReleaseTimeout’ script action as documented in the Print Script API Documentation

In versions prior to 8.0, the timeout period can be changed as follows:

  1. From the administration interface, navigate to Options → Config editor (advanced)
  2. Enter release-station.job-expiry-mins in the quick find box.
  3. The config option with this value should be displayed in the table below. Change this value to the number of minutes that jobs are held in the release station before being deleted.
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