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cPad Copier Terminal FAQ


This information relates to the cPad copier control terminal.

What is the cPad?

The cPad is a high resolution touch screen terminal that takes the functionality of PaperCut MF and allows you to take control of copy and print management on almost any MFD and Printer.

What are the features of the cPad?

  • Multiple authentication methods (incl self assoc)
  • Card swipe/Prox readers
  • Simple/Advanced charging account selection
  • Charge to personal account
  • Automatic idle logout
  • High Res 7” fast response touch screen
  • Powersave sleep mode
  • 2 - port network switch
  • 2 x USB ports
  • MFD Interface connection
  • Robust yet stylish design

What copiers are supported?

The cPad supports all major copier brands. Contact your reseller with your model number to ensure the correct interface cable is available.

Can I connect a card reader?

Yes, the cPad supports a wide range of card swipe and proximity readers. Contact your reseller or ASC for an up to date list of supported readers. If your desired reader is not on the list, it may be able to be added.

How do I enable a card reader?

You can enable a card reader through the advanced config tab in ‘Devices’ in PaperCut. You will generally need to reboot your device for the new settings to take effect. We recommend following the procedure set out in the configuration manual.

I have connected the card reader, now what?

One brilliant feature on the cPad is ‘enable self-association’ which means once you have distributed new cards, users can add the card to their existing account using a username and password upon first swipe. This saves on cumbersome setup procedures.

Can I connect two card readers to a single cPad?

Yes. A cPad can support the use of two different card readers on one device.

What version of PaperCut do I need to connect my cPad?

We always recommend the latest version of PaperCut MF, so why not upgrade prior to installation? You will need to ensure you have PaperCut MF and the correct license type and connection packs to support the connection of your cPad. You must be running at minimum Version 11.1, however 12.3 and above is recommended.

I am concerned about the security of the device, what happens if a student unplugs the cPad?

In a word, nothing! Once a cPad has been interfaced with a copier, the MFD will not work without the cPads control switch. If a cPad is disconnected, the copier will usually display a message such as “Use a valid card.” Once you switch the cPad back on it will re-connect and you will be able to resume normal usage. The cPad also has a cable clamp to prevent connections being tampered with.

In the advanced config screen for the cPad in PaperCut MF you will see the parameter « ext-­‐device.cartadis_cpad.force‐locale » this should be set to « en_AU » (or en_US if you are having the reverse problem)

Can I customise the look of the cPad the same way I can with PaperCut?

Your local PaperCut ASC can assist you in creating custom skin files for the cPad.

I am using the cPad as a Print Release Station. Can I remove the MFD Interface Cable?

This work should only be undertaken by your Authorised cPad dealer. Damage caused by improper removal of this cable will void the warranty of the cPad.

Where can I find documentation?

Technical documentation for the cPad and related resources such as firmware downloads are available to all certified PaperCut MF resellers. You’ll find these resources under the PaperCut MF reseller portal.


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Last updated March 5, 2024