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Billing teaching staff monthly



Q What is the best way to bill teaching staff on a monthly basis?

The article Implementing PaperCut in a school environment provides a good overview of how other schools manage their teaching staff.

If you wish to charge staff printing to departments or faculties, then you should make use of the shared accounts feature. A shared account represents the department, faculty or cost center. When the staff member prints they are prompted to select the account to which they wish to charge the printing. For further information, please refer to the manual chapter that describes shared accounts.

You can then run one of the many shared account reports each month to track how much printing was charged to each account. It’s also possible to schedule the reports to be automatically emailed monthly. For further information, please refer to the manual chapter on scheduled reports.

If you are not interested in department or faculty accounting, it is also possible to track usage of individual staff members, which can be done by running one of the many user printing reports. If your staff members all belong to a “Staff” group, then you can use one of the group reports that show all printing activity for a particular group of users.

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Last updated February 15, 2024