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Becoming a PaperCut Reseller


Why become a PaperCut Reseller?

We’re always looking to grow our network of resellers that want to add PaperCut to their portfolios with the common goal of solving customers’ printing needs. We appreciate your interest and would love to have you onboard!

With PaperCut in your portfolio, you can:

  • Give customers value-add printing solutions.
  • Show customers an awesome ROI.
  • Pump up professional services in your business.

And with you as our partner, we’ll:

  • Guarantee PaperCut just works and is a dream to trial, demo, and sell.
  • Give you a licensing model that includes every core feature.
  • Get you tech and sales certified and use our brand/reputation to open new doors.

How do you become a PaperCut Reseller?

If you reach out to , we are happy to help connect you with one of our Authorized Partners in your region to get the ball rolling and discuss the next steps for getting signed up.

As a first step, the Authorized Partner will help determine whether PaperCut is a match based on your business and goals. If it’s a good fit, your application will be approved. To give you an idea, here are a few things they may want to know before signing you up as a certified reseller:

  • Description of your business type. For example, which industry do you operate in?
  • Description of your customer base
  • How does PaperCut complement your portfolio?
  • Why PaperCut?

Our Authorized Partners are who you will buy PaperCut from and your gateway to becoming a proud PaperCut reseller. They’ll also be your go-to for training, technical support, and everything else to get you promoting PaperCut like a pro!

Alternatively, if you would prefer to reach out directly, you can see our full list of Authorized Partners.

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Last updated June 13, 2024