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PaperCut on 64-bit (x64) platforms


Will PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG run on 64-bit operating systems?

Yes! In fact, as of March 31st, 2018, PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG server components are no longer supported for 32-bit operating systems. Furthermore, workstation components are no longer supported for 32-bit platforms as of version 19.0, which could have implications for your site if upgrading from an earlier release to version 19.0 or later. For more information, check out our End-of-life for 32-bit Operating Systems article.

PaperCut will run fine on both server and client editions of 64-bit Windows. For a full list of compatible OS’s, please see our PaperCut MF System Requirements or PaperCut NG System Requirements.

Does PaperCut run on 64-bit Linux systems?

Yes, and in fact, support for 32-bit distributions has been deprecated as of version 17.1 of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF. Before 17.1, separate optimized installers were provided for both 32-bit/x86 (i686) and 64-bit/x64 (AMD64 / x86_64 and IA64) Linux editions. The 64-bit version is natively compiled and fully optimized for the architecture and its libraries. If intending to deploy a version released prior to 17.1, please ensure you download the installer that matches your operating system. A quick way to test is to type uname -m at the command-prompt. If the output is x86_64 then your system will require the x64 version.

64-bit and PaperCut 12.3 or earlier (Legacy)

PaperCut version 12.3 or earlier required separate 64-bit add-on pack to be installed to take full advantage of 64-bit hardware. This is no longer required for PaperCut 12.4 or above as the installer will automatically install the 64-bit components.

If you are running 12.3 or earlier you can choose to install the 64-bit add-on pack. It allows the application server to allocate higher thread counts and memory limits. We do not recommend the 64-bit add-on pack for smaller installations due to the slightly larger memory usage required by 64-bit applications.

If you feel your organization would benefit from the 64-bit optimized edition and you are running PaperCut 12.3 or earlier you can download the 64-bit add-on pack from:

This add-on pack can be applied after installing any edition of PaperCut (between version 8 and 12.3).

Note: After installing the 64-bit add-on pack, warnings will show in the log file [app-dir]/server/log/service.log: “Unable to load the Wrapper’s native library ‘wrapper.dll’.” This is of no concern.

How would I tell if I “need” the 64bit Add-on Pack (if running 12.3 or earlier)?

On a Windows system the first limit hit is usually a thread limit. The WOW32 environment 32-bit processes run under on a 64 bit system imposes thread stack size limits and usually thread read related warnings in the PaperCut server log files are the first sign. They usually appear under high load. Your server.log file may contain lines/errors like:

   “unable to create new native thread”

If you see this error and experiencing strange behaviour like server response errors when using the admin interface, then please install the 64-bit add-on pack as your first problem-solving step.

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Last updated February 15, 2024