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Q. On Windows when I try to exit the client I receive a message:

The application cannot be closed, because it is required to perform printing on this network.


A. This message is displayed when user interaction via the client tool is required before the job will print. E.g. with the confirmation pop-up enabled, users must confirm the job details before printing. With shared account selection, users must choose an account to allocate the job to. If the client software is not running, jobs will not print at all, and the user would receive no feedback about why.

In these cases, the client prevents exit. In other cases, the client will exit.

Q. Why offer an exit button at all in the cases where the client is required for printing?

A. It annoys us when things in the system tray don’t have an exit option. We felt that users would think the same way about our software if we didn’t offer one. Rather, the option is there, and clicking it explains why it’s been disabled.

If you have a suggestion about how we could do this better, please add a comment below.

Q. But users can just terminate the application from the Windows Task Manager anyway?

A. In managed Windows lab environments access to the task manager is generally disabled. If you can access it and you really want it gone, power to you.

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