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Assigning accounts to print jobs at the MFD

Every print job must be charged or assigned to an account. This can be a personal or shared accountA shared account is an account that is shared by multiple users. For example, in business, shared accounts can be used to track printing costs by business unit, project, or client. Organizations like legal firms, engineering firms, or accounting offices often have long lists of accounts, projects, clients, or matters. In a school or university, shared accounts can be used to track printing by departments, classes, or subjects.. The account can be either automatically assigned, or selected by a user at the MFD or via the User Client.

For PaperCut NG/MF, the simplest method for account selection is for users to assign an account directly at the MFD. It doesn’t matter if users are printing in the Mobility Print environment from a mobile device (such as a smart phone or a tablet) or from a computer; the experience is streamlined. It also eliminates the need for an additional tool like the User Client.


If you have one of the following configurations, your users must use the User Client for printing from a computer (or the Mobile web client when printing from a mobile device):

  • MFDs that do not support assigning accounts at the MFD (see System requirements).

  • users who have permission to release jobs printed by other users, or charge a job to another user (for example, delegated authority).

  • unauthenticated printing.

  • users who need to do more than just assigning accounts, for example, cost adjustments (available only in the User Client).

  • overrides and print scripts that affect account selection, such as the printJobAfterAccountSelectionHook, Print Scripting with Mobility Print, etc (available only in the User Client).

Print Release screen at the MFD

The Print Release screen indicates which jobs do not have an account assigned. Users can select one or more print jobs, then select an account.

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