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How to uninstall embedded software from a Kyocera MFD (PaperCut MF)


This KB article relates to PaperCut MF, the edition of PaperCut that implements copier control.

To uninstall embedded software from a Kyocera machine you need administrator access to the device.

Using the touch screen panel of the device:

  1. Press the “admin login” button, typically at the bottom right of the screen

  2. Enter the admin ID, by default this is Admin

  3. Enter the password (contact the hardware supplier if unknown)

  4. Press the device access button.

  5. Enter the system menu on the MFD panel

  6. Scroll through the screens and select “Applications”

  7. Highlight the application you wish to remove and press delete (alternatively press deactivate to stop application without deleting it)

Categories: How-to Articles , Devices

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Last updated January 9, 2020